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  May 2016

• Language App
• Shortcut to Words! Any language - English, 中文.
• Using Web technology, the best platform
• Option to learn language by typing.
M O S T    D O W N L O A D s:
E N G L I S H:

    English 12000+

    English Proverb
中 文: C H I N E S E ( H K )
    • 學 - 倉 結 Chang Jei

    • 學 - 快 捷 Quick

    • 學 - 筆 畫 Stroke
R E F E R E N C E: 參 考

E N 2 C H    S E A R C H : 英 ⋂ 中
    English to Chinese
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T y p i n g - WordTyping ?

    • QWERTY, Over Drive !

    • APP requires web browser, able to run in from mobile device to desktop

    • Key Entry with minimum Mouse,Touch,Pen,Virtual,physical keyboard

    • English to Chinese language translation + 打字

A New Touch Screen Typing & Learning Experience!

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