Calendar 2023 Diary Organizer
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                • Calendar as diary, organizer App
• An offline web App
• Data stays on local device
• A forever Western calendar app, or (Western plus Lunar)
• Predictable description typing into each slot. If Chinese App version, try our new chinese input method.

FIND - Past, Current and Future. Just enter/code event-descriptions, then turn them into Date Reminder...
  •   NEXT generation of Calendar Program/WP ?
Enter lifetime data within calendar, you-name-it description. Then publish calendar or email SendAs web page.
  •   User can paste any short document in calendar, file it, then search for xyz#, xyz@ etc. Or enter your @filename.txt as keyword. It is designed for taking note, easy filing.
  •   Can be a Diarykeeper; Daily Planner; if Speech-to-text(Voice Dictation ON), save them somewhere here.
  •   About the program - One big responsive web page, Require any web browser(html5), Javascript, offline web storage enable. Your web device can be online or offline, but the data are to be saved locally, on your local device.
  •   A Calc Program also
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