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New Way To Type
ByPrefix | ByMouseOver | Keyboard Save Typing Energy ✅




  New eBook
html+wt publishing software

( see below )
  $ 24.00 / per year

Trial Offer   $ 12.00         
  $ 36.00 / per year

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SUBSCRIPT NOW. Please allow 24 hours, we will email you a personal web link.
SUBSCRIPT NOW. Please allow 24 hours, we will email you a personal web link.
1  M i n u t e    V i d e o
Physical QWERTY
To watch physical keyboard | WT Virtual Keyboard
in Action
Over Drive

QWERTY Overdrive typing
in Action
By English Prefix
New typing method - By English Prefix
By Mouse Over
New typing method - By MouseOver
TT Takenote + Typing
New HTML+WT - A web book publication format in action
      WHY this program?
            BIG screen typing program,
            show more predictable.
            or to use new typing methods:
            ByPrefix, ByMouseOver, Qwerty OverDrive.

      EASY to use,
            no installation,
            single web page design.

      WILL need a web browser(HTML5),
            Javascript enable, offline web storage.
            [Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc].

   Refund policy: 100% refund minus CC processing fee.

e-Book Publishing software
Takenote + Typing
Import a PDF book into this package.
Publish as HTML+WT(Word Typing format).

         Will customize      


  Web link from/to etc.

Web Page(Shareware)

•    English 12000+
•    Popular English E2C(英.中)

•    倉結 ChangJei(HK)
•    Keystroke(HK)
•    Quick(HK)
•    Cantonese

   Info@wordtyping.com, or call (929) 383-3889.

©r; MAU Corp. August 2020. Made in the U.S.A.
The Website with software for Typing


WHAT is web offline storage?
 Nowadays, web browser owns a part of your local disk, and each browser may
have 50Megabytes or more. 
It is hidden from your operating system, so as the setting.
However, each web browser creates its own space, and separated by each URL. 
Wordtyping stores your data in this local disk as file, 
plus using PIN#(make it non-human readable).

HOW to retrieve all working files?
You must perform ExportALL - which will write-out all text as one flat 
file with separator-id, like below:
//START:file1 xxx...xxx //STARTEND:file1
//START:file2 xxx...xxx //STARTEND:file2

WILL this program obsolete?
 Since this program is written in HTML and javascript language, all web browser 
should be around, and so as this program.

HOW to disable Spell Check?
 When program starts, program default is to disable Spell Check. If needed,
click inside the textarea, right-click the mouse and 
check-on/off Spell Check option.

WHAT is physical keyboard focus?
 Normally, you set the cursor and start typing.
It is physical keyboard focus, 
and typing goes to that textarea, 
and OnScreenKeyboard may appear. 

When you are non-focus, 
the OSK will hide itself. 

Wordtyping make words into clickable buttons, 
So, when you are physical keyboard focus,
a button's first click will trigger the 'non-focus',
then will require the second click.
This focus/non-focus experience may vary from 
browser to browser. Some browser may not 
need 2 clicks.

WHAT is predictable?
 When physical keyboard, the very FIRST LETTER will 
trigger a full line of matching words - EN7000. 
Words such as We're You're They're will show first. 
When first+second, will continue to show matching words. 
When first+second+third, will show the dictionary(limited to one line).

 When Qwerty-100, it means first click will trigger 100 most common 
words, plus a PREFIX panel for secondary selection.

 When ByPrefix, will fill up one screen. User can extend the range
to reach all words.

 When MouseOver, just MouseOver all buttons, you still need 
to click on the word.

RAM, Disk Space?
 260M RAM if online mode(browser + pgm). 
Program size is just 1M byte.

 If purchase as USB flash drive, 245M byte.

    For SETTING information between each browser, in general: goto SETTING | OPTION | PREFERENCE, customise your setting for Zoom,FontSize,FontFamily etc.

    For BROWSER reference link:
    CNET: How to - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Brave. Fine-tune your browser settings.
    Forbes: Microsoft Edge beats Firefox - is now #2 behind Chrome